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Lifestream Tutorial by akisu-sama Lifestream Tutorial by akisu-sama
It's been ages since I've done anything other than random image manipulation in GIMP. A lack of inspiration, mostly, has caused this hiatus.

Although I hate the saying, it is rather true here: "Those who can't, teach." About 8 years ago, I made an image entitled, "Lifestream II." I received numerous questions about how to do it (couldn't remember how--a lot of trial and error, didn't save the xcf file). I didn't exactly try hard, however, and I've finally managed to mimic it.

If you're going to post this on your blog or website, please link to my website: [link] or at least to this DA page.

Please note that I've provided this tutorial as more of a guide. I would really like to see something developed from this method using different filters, your own style, etc. This means I would appreciate it if you post a link to your deviation in the comments or something similar.

One final word: "Snow Dots" refers to a tutorial on my site at [link]

For the record, I'd rather call this "Phoenix Tail"
w4wy4w Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Thank you for your generosity. And by the way I believe that there could be a name more appropriate than "Phoenix Tail". I really enjoyed. :D:D
Expressionar Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010
This is awesome! =D
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